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REVERS EDGE LIT LETTERS...... This type of letter is commonly called a “Reverse Channel Letter”. halo4. halo1. halo2. halo3. Design. Since the Halo Lit Letters and Logos are illuminated only around the edges, consideration should be allowed for how graphics will be seen when lit. Multicolor graphics on faces may need special attention such as a ...
Reverse lit letters Reverse Channel Letter signs provide a distinctive and memorable approach to your client’s signage program. Reverse channel letters are often specified by signage clients who value a prestigious image. These letters are also called "halo lit" or "backlit" letters. Reverse channel letters are produced with aluminum faces and returns. These back lit letters are mounted away from the wall so a halo forms behind them. A clear polycarbonate back prevents animals from nesting and ensures a clear and distinct halo appearance.
REVERSLIT EFFECTS.. Revers lit Channel letters D& G.jpg Revers lit channel letters Snacks.jpg Reverse lit.jpg Revers lit Channel letters.jpg. REVERSE LIT CHANNEL LETTERS. Reverse lighting channel letters is a great way to accentuate the material and color of the faces while giving each letter a floating or halo effect when lit. This style is a ...