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EPOXY RAISIN LETTERS... The LED Epoxy Letters are consisted of Epoxy Resin and LED light source. The letter case is made of Stainless Steel or Galvanized Sheet etc, a special kind of Epoxy Resin will be filled in the letter case. The light transparency is even and comfortable with a high amount of brightness. We achieved the maximum evenness ...
Acrylic Frontlit Letters We are involved in present the first-class range of LED Acrylic Frontlit Letters. Our products are available in varied specifications that meet on exact requirements of our clientele.Acrylic front lit letter sign has bevel or straight painted side.It is produce as the following :- Using acrylic board carved molding directly to the letter sign, ledsinside, lighting from the acrylic face.It is top grade, elegant and high brightness for different kinds door head, background wall and chain monopoly.It can stay for 5 yearswithoutcolor changin
REVERS EDGE LIT LETTERS...... This type of letter is commonly called a “Reverse Channel Letter”. halo4. halo1. halo2. halo3. Design. Since the Halo Lit Letters and Logos are illuminated only around the edges, consideration should be allowed for how graphics will be seen when lit. Multicolor graphics on faces may need special attention such as a ...